About Labradoodles

What is special about Alpen Ridge and why get your puppy here?

Alpen Ridge has had Australian Labradoodles since 2003 and has been a constant member of  Australian Labradoodle Breed Associations in good standing the entire time, which includes the Breeder’s Code of Ethics. 

Alpen Ridge has always been based on a guardian program where the breeding dogs live with families not in kennels or overcrowded situations.  This allows them to be the companions they were bred to be and have their life long families.  Also, the puppies are born in my home.  The puppies get to remain with their mothers until approximately 6 weeks of age which allows them the crucial development and learning that a mother gives her puppies especially between 4 – 6 weeks of age.  My focus is quality puppies that are reared in a home environment.  You become part of the Alpen Ridge Family, not just a customer.

Genuine Australian Labradoodles

Researching Labradoodles

Chances are, in your research, you’ll come across terms like “Multi-Gen” (Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle), “Early-Gen” or “F1” (Labradoodle Origin) and “Back Cross” or “F1B“.  Here are some helpful tips to understand what a breeder means when they are using these phrases.

The original multi-gen Australian Labradoodle, which is the original Labradoodle, has a foundation stock including 6 different parent breeds. These dogs were developed in Australian, and hence the “Australian” in the name of the dogs. The verified parent breeds by the ALA (Australian Labradoodle Association, Inc.) are: poodle (all three sizes), Labrador retriever, Irish water spaniel, curly coat retriever, American cocker spaniel and the English cocker spaniel.  This was a breed that was developed with goals in mind for a low shedding service dog, not a designer dog.

The multi-gen Labradoodle has only poodle and lab in its heritage. It does not include the other parent breeds that were originally used by the creators of the breed.

The early-gen F1 (Labradoodle origin) is a dog from a labrador/poodle mating that has not had the multiple generations of Labradoodle mated with another Labradoodle nor the addition of Australian Labradoodle foundation stock or multiple parent breeds. These dogs tend to shed their coat since they are more closely related to the Labrador and often have a wire hair or feathered look to them. F2 would be two F1 bred together and there can be quite a variation in coats.

The “Back Cross” or “F1B” is a dog from an F1 (see above) mated back to a poodle usually for coat correction. These dogs have not had the multiple generations of Labradoodle mated with another Labradoodle nor the addition of Australian Labradoodle foundation stock or multiple parent breeds.  They are often developed to bring new bloodlines into the breed and bred into the mulit-gen lines.

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Australian Labradoodles are beautiful intelligent dogs. Our puppies are born in our home and are handled from their first day. We not only guarantee genetic health, but our puppies’ temperaments. Puppies are examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated, micro chipped and de-sexed. Breeding for Miniature and Medium. We also provide ongoing support to our puppy owners.

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International: + 61 08 8280 7910

Emergency and can’t reach me? Girls in season and health emergencies only! Please try my daughter Melinda at 0401 383 969