Upcoming Litters


Updated: 12 June 2021

Depending on mother nature, these are our planned matings for puppies. Once a mating has been done, a due date will be posted. Once confirmed pregnant, this will also be posted.

Please note: Planned matings can change and a mating cannot be guaranteed until it has occurred. Alpen Ridge reserves the right to keep/sell any breeding quality puppies before assigning pet puppies. Also, Alpen Ridge reserves the right to refuse to sell a puppy at any time, breeding quality or pet quality.

There is currently a 10-16 month waiting list. To join the waiting list you must complete the application and then pay a non-refundable deposit.

I can’t predict exactly when a dog will come into season, if she will get pregnant, exactly how many they will have, colors, or genders in advance so I can’t tell you if you will be getting your puppy in a certain month. I wish I could! But it’s up to mother nature.

If you have paid a booking and are on the waiting list I will be in touch when I have a puppy for you after they are born. I do keep the website up to date on matings, pregnancy confirmation and planned matings. Sorry I can’t do more than that. Someone have a crystal ball that works I’d love to have it!

For most recent photos and fun “snaps”, visit our Facebook page!

Alpen Ridge Sea Swirl “Tia”
Alpen Ridge Butterscotch “Rikki”

Due 16th July Confirmed pregnant, estimating 4+ puppies. Miniature puppies in possibly fleece and wool coats. Not taking any more applications for this litter. Possible colours of chocolate, chocolate with white and maybe chocolate parti.


Tia is a darling chocolate parti miniature fleece coat girl with a beautiful happy temperament. She knows no stranger in human or dog. Rikki is a miniature cream, soft, curly fleece coat boy, very happy and friendly too. Should be darling sweet babies.

Alpen Ridge Music Diva “Pippa”
Alpen Ridge Blue Lagoon “Merlin”

Unfotunately, we missed Pippa’s heat cycle, so will have to wait for next one.


Alpen Ridge Etched In Chocolate “Piper” + Alpen Ridge Maximise Your Heart “Leo”

Unfortunately it looks like Piper isn’t pregnant. Will do another ultrasound in a couple weeks, but doubtful.


Piper is daughter of the lovely Molly who is now retired. She has that same gorgeous temperament as her mother. Leo is a big teddy bear from the “Sweet” lines and he lives up to the legacy. His daddy was Oscar, my absolutely lovely boy whose semen was imported to create this wonderful son. Looking forward to these babies!

Alpen Ridge Cinnamon Twist “Cindy” + Alpen Ridge Maximise Your Heart “Leo”

Due 27th May, 10 puppies born Expecting medium fleece coats in cream/gold/caramel shades. These should be chunky little bubs. All spoken for.

Cindy, Medium Red Fleece Coat Girl
Leo, Medium Caramel Fleece Coat Boy

Cindy is a very caring gentle medium red fleece coat girl who lives with a special needs child. Leo is a happy “teddy bear”. Superb boning on this boy, probably the chunkiest I’ve every had. He is a caramel fleece coat. Photo doesn’t do him justice, he was a bit stretched out and in short coat. But that’s all muscle, not hair. Hoping to keep one for the guardian program.

Litters planned for mid/late 2021


Mini/large mini:

  • Bailey + Hugo, this will be a repeat mating as the first time were so gorgeous.
  • Ivy + Armani (imported semen) for late 2021

Large Mini/small medium:

  • Evie + tbd for late 2021 babies
  • Bailey + Hugo late 2021 for a repeat since the first litter was so gorgeous


  • Mabel + tbd for winter/spring medium puppies
  • Rosie + tbd for winter/spring medium puppies

Medium to small standard:

Alpen Ridge reserves the right to change planned matings right up until the time of mating.

Local Family Program

Only available to families within a 1-hour driving distance to Alpen Ridge (One Tree Hill) for female puppies or preferably within 30 minutes if possible for male puppies.

The guardian home program places our breeding dogs and puppies in permanent pet homes while still participating in the breeding program.

Benefits to the dog: She/he is a pet, in their permanent home, with all the love and companionship these dogs are bred for.

Benefits to you: A top quality Australian Labradoodle as a pet without paying pet price.

A great program for both the dog and the guardian homes! Learn More.

Dogs available for the Local Family Program


  • All current puppies spoken for at this time.


  • All current puppies spoken for at this time.

Please complete our application if you are interested in being a guardian.