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Updated: 22 May 2022

Please see the Facebook page for photos once puppies are born.

Please scroll through the pairings below to see any current available puppies.

To join the waiting list you must complete the application and then pay a non-refundable deposit. Please be open as much as possible to gender, color and coat type. Both wool and fleece are allergy friendly. If fairly open in your request, waiting list is currently extimated to be 4-8 months.

If you have paid a booking and are on the waiting list I will be in touch when I have a puppy for you after they are born.

Please note: Planned matings can change and a mating cannot be guaranteed until it has occurred. Alpen Ridge reserves the right to keep/sell any breeding quality puppies before assigning pet puppies. Also, Alpen Ridge reserves the right to refuse to sell a puppy at any time, breeding quality or pet quality.

Bookings are not for particular litters, but for when I have what you have indicated on your application.

Alpen Ridge Sea Swirl “Tia” + Alpen Ridge Don Jorge “George”

Due 19 June, 2022. Confirmed pregnant, estimating 6+ puppies

Expecting fleece and wool miniature/large miniature chocolate pups. Possible some white markings and chocolate partis.

Tia is a very affectionate, sweet chocolate parti mini girl. Chunky little thing. George is a fun loving happy and friendly chocolate wool large mini boy. Should be some fun adorable babies.


Alpen Ridge Fairy Floss “Flossy” + Alpen Ridge Easter Sunrise “Hunter”

Due 24 June, confirmed pregnant, estimating 3+ puppies

Expecting true mini puppies, most likely wool and possibly some fleece in colors of cream to apricot. Both very adorable loving dogs. Should be darling babies.

Flossy, golden cream fleece Australian Labradoodle
Hunter, apricot wool Australian Labradoodle

Myamba Queen Of Jazz “Eydie” + Alpen Ridge Chocolate By Design “Barkley”

Due 25 June 2022 Confirmed pregnant, estimating 9 puppies

These will be medium puppies, probably all fleece coats. Eydie is a very sweet girl, loves to cuddle. Barkley is an amazingly handsome boy, beautiful conformation and lovely temperament. Possibly colors of chocolate and caramel cream.

Eydie, parchment fleece Australian Labradoodle
Barkley, chocolate fleece Australian Labradoodle

Litters planned


Mini/large mini:

  • Coco + Murphy for winter 2022 possible colours are chocolate merle, chocolate, chocolate phantoms, Due 18 July

Large Mini/medium:

  • Rosie + tbd for spring 2022


  • Mabel + tbd for spring 2022
  • Tory + tbd for spring 2022

Large Medium to small standard/standard:

  • Ziggy + tbd for standard puppies late 2022

Alpen Ridge reserves the right to change planned matings right up until the time of mating.

Local Family Program

Only available to families within a 1-hour (maximum) driving distance to Alpen Ridge (One Tree Hill) for female puppies or preferably within 30 minutes if possible for male puppies.

The guardian home program places our breeding dogs and puppies in permanent pet homes while still participating in the breeding program.

Benefits to the dog: She/he is a pet, in their permanent home, with all the love and companionship these dogs are bred for.

Benefits to you: A top quality Australian Labradoodle as a pet without paying pet price.

A great program for both the dog and the guardian homes! Learn More.

Dogs available for the Local Family Program


  • All current puppies spoken for at this time.


  • Possibly a boy in future litters.

Please complete our application if you are interested in being a guardian.